Tony Melville

Over twenty-five years in the media business have taught me a lot – especially the significance of a consistent message, attractively and compellingly presented.

Gladstone Communications was established in 1994 when I was about to embark on a series of TV projects, but my acquaintance with the media world was made many years earlier.

Since the 1980s I have worked as a translator and copywriter for a wide variety of Finnish organisations, both public and private. Virtually all required a polished product at short notice, so this became my speciality.

At first it was the written word that set the tone for numerous annual reports, magazines and books. Then came voiceovers for corporate videos and  my debut in radio in the early 1990s.

Radio Central Finland was where I learned this new trade before branching out into TV presenting – and production – from 1995 on.

As my horizons expanded, the more I wanted to be in control of the overall operation, but radio is still close to my heart, and for twenty-odd years I have been the English voice of YLE’s Ralliradio.

Then came politics and numerous campaigns for various candidates running in local, national and European elections. Building political campaigns remains a particular passion.

In the latest phase I have devoted my energy to content creation for social media in particular. Video, stills photography, drone footage…all these may be necessary to create the perfect presentation, website or corporate marketing tool.

Yes, I work closely with other media professionals in a networked manner whenever required. And above all I listen to my client – that’s absolutely key.

Tell me your goals and I’ll explain how your message can be taken to the next level. Delivering media impact is our business!

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